Now Booking!!!

Alternative ideas? We do things differently!!! I am TOTALLY into “Gig booking Mode”…. so if anyone wants The Vagrants to play in your town, in summer, or has a suggestion for festival or event that you want us to play at, please. send me an email...
The Vagrants, more gigs!!!

The Vagrants, more gigs!!!

Well, it seems that The Vagrants retirement will not last long. See you guys in Germany. Details to follow. IF you want to book us, just email me at and we can look at dates in the USA or in Europe.

Winter in Australia!!! Acoustic gigs.

Hello Again, Long time no write, sorry. Now that we are back from our European tour, I want to say thanks to all the people that came to see The Vagrants play, had a beer with us, gave us a place to stay, and for all the musicians in The Vagrants, and the bands that...

The Vagrants gigs in Melbourne and Bendigo

The Vagrants The Vagrants are finishing up a national tour and release of a new single JUST KILL ME With searing guitars and a feisty rock chick The Vagrants tour constantly worldwide, 500 gigs and counting, will be at; The Golden Vine, June 30th Bendigo, Vic The...
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