Because I have travelled a lot, everyone asks me:
“Where is the best place to live in the world”.
My answer is simple:
“The world is the best place to live”.

Not that I have much of a choice, I have to live on this world, so I guess I am just making the most of it.

Steve Iorio

As many of our fans already know we are planning on relocating to Europe. We will of course always come back to see our friends in Australia, and to tour here. The time is right, and the opportunity knocks. More than one friend has said, “Go, but we know you will be back”.

“The world is a crazy place, and we will always follow our dreams, and definitely ¬†won’t get bored on this interesting planet that we were born on to”

Thanks to Christie Eliezer at Beat Magazine for all the support thru the years.

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