Join us at the Cherry Bar in ACDC lane Melbourne for the launch of our new single


Just kill me is the cry of a person that is trying not to lose their humanity put into a powerful song. The news reports another death as we just eat our dinner. Young girls are abducted, boys are raped, and the fabric of society is being stretched to the point of being translucent while we carry on our lives as normal. I say the day that I become numb to all of these horrors then “JUST KILL ME”

So STAND UP, LOOK AROUND and BE AWARE of what is happening in other peoples lives.  Join us in saying that you STILL FEEL

Getting down and dirty with us on the night are

WhoDaFunkIt  and  Forever Young

So come out,be part of history and join in the filming of the night to be part of the video clip for this awesome new track.

Slip in to the Cherry Bar, Slop in a Jager or 3 and Slap anyone that isn’t coming!!!

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