The Vagrants
The Vagrants are finishing up a national tour and release of a new single

With searing guitars and a feisty rock chick
The Vagrants
tour constantly worldwide, 500 gigs and counting, will be at;

The Golden Vine, June 30th Bendigo, Vic
The ESPY, July 21st, Melbourne,
The Tote, Aug 5th, Beyond Blue Fundraiser,

The Vagrants new single, “Just Kill Me” is the cry of a person that is trying not to lose their humanity put into a powerful song, with unique song writing style.

The news reports another death as we just eat our dinner. Young girls are abducted, boys are raped, and the fabric of society is being stretched to the point of being translucent while we carry on our lives as normal. I say when I become numb to all of these horrors,

Bring your mates to join in the anthem chorus’ to be heard, downloaded free at:

The Vagrants released 4 CD’s and 2 live CD’s, were #7 on the AirIt Charts, and it has been selling fast in Europe since last year. Get your copy of the CD at the gig. The Vagrants have already played the all over the world, now it is time for you to get a taste!!!
Media inquiries: Steve on 0417 810 710
Gig list at:

Having supported
The Angels, Rose Tattoo, and Airbourne,
The Vagrants classic rock style evokes the great sounds of
Zeppelin, The Stones, Hendrix,
with a distinct Aussie edge, and an eye and an ear on the future.

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