Question Time?

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I just watched the Australian parliament on television. They air it live on a program called “Question Time”. It is live footage from the floor of the Australian parliament, and the politicians and leaders of our great nation to argue their points. They just talk in circles and never answers the questions!!!!!! WHAT? Who pays these people to spew this tripe? Oh shit, thadda b us…

They show this show on ABC television normally at around 2pm and if you are not and Aussie, you can watch it on I am not sure if you call it entertainment, but it certainly is funny. Truth be known, I really don’t know what to make of it. My question is, why do you put that on the TV? I have tried to watch it before but got bored after about 5 minutes, but this time I forced myself to watch.

Who actually watches this? If there, and I doubt it, was actually a reasonable number of people watching on TV we would know. I couldn’t get the stats on the web, and that tells you something immediately. When you have a hit show, and you see it in the top 10 of “The Nielson Ratings” that is truly something to be proud of, and you tell everyone. The ABC has had the Gruen Transfer and even Midsomer Murders in the top 10 at some points last year. Spicks and Specks has even had an appearance. Seriously the ABC doesn’t have to look to just ratings when picking out which shows to air. They have the lovely and benevolent Aussie battlers and tax payers to help fund their choice of programming. My question again is, why do you put that on the TV?

I am not saying everything thing should be run by numbers. I am happy to admit that while I am sipping my lattes with other Melbournians, who all believe they are uber cool, and living in the arts capital of the big flat brown land, that Sydneysiders have came in from the sun and watched more ABC and SBS, the supposedly sophisticated channels, on TV than their southern brothers did. Shame on you Melbourne, come on get on your best op shop clothes and sit in the living room smoking jazz cigarettes and complain about the major TV stations, and don’t let your would-be capitol, surfer buddies up north bask in all the bohemian rhapsody.

This year ABC News on Saturday even kicked some major booty. You would think we would be too under the weather to bother on a Saturday morning, but you know what, they are good on the weekends, and we actually do care. The ABC ratings have lifted over the last 5 years from around 15% to around 17% of the market. This is a sign that we are getting 1% smarter and the ABC are getting 1% better at programming. So, in the interest of climbing up to 18% eventually, I just wanted to help with some programming advice. Fuck that stupid “Question Time “show off the air!!!!

It was so embarrassing to watch some people that we pay huge salaries to, and give overly generous pensions to, these so called public servants, were just trying to win imaginary brownie points by shouting over each other. It is like a testosterone filled year 10 classes that have too many guys in it, some really hot chicks and a formal coming up. Really sad.

Speaker, Speaker… Point of order…. you are out of order. You are out of order… WOW, really? Just tell them to leave the class if they don’t want to listen to the lesson! The reality is that they are debating our important policies and affects our financial future, interest rates, international military interventions, hospital policy, education system, eco system, environmental future, laws etc.. etc.. you know, all that boring stuff.

Think about this for a minute. A person in a position of power asks a valid question about a major policy issue and then they interrupt and guffaw the person answering. This is unbelievable. I have to point out that the people asking are actually the people in the opposition and want to run the country. WOW, no manners, not listening, rude, indignant and already convinced of your own opinion…. let’s make that person the new leader. The point is we elect these people, and if they really think making political points for their particular party is more important than improving the country of Australia, we need to put in more independent minded people that clearly care about the issues than kissing the ass of their party bosses so they can get a portfolio one day.

If I was allowed to ask a question it would be, “Why is the show Question Time on TV?

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