So the CD launch of The Vagrants new CD STAND UP , has come and gone. We have had more airplay than imagined, great reviews and really fantastic response from the crowd at our gigs.

A lot of people just keep asking what is the song “Can’t Take Anymore” all about? Well firstly, have a look at the lyrics at:

There are some songwriters that believe that “People should get their own meaning from a song”. To tell you the truth, I believe that in general, (not always) but that is just a way for a songwriter to get more people like his songs. F*$% THAT!!! I really want people to know what I think. LOVE OR HATE IT!!!!

This song is about all the bullshit advertising that is up in our faces in the most pristine places. ON the slopes in ski resorts, on the roads, on your computer screen pop ups, on TV, radio, and even in state and national forests. AHHHHHHHHHHH

I may write the songs, but Renate Ludwig the lead singer of The Vagrants reads thru all the lyrics and picks the ones that she loves. She picks songs she is passionate about. So I can tell you she sings this with a passion that I am unable to do, and I thank her for that.

I can’t take anymore!!!!!
Steve Iorio

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