We are really stoked to announce that our song ‘Believe’ has been used as one of the songs for the Documentary of the Hattah Desert Race this year……. check it out and get yourself a copy of this cool documentary


JULY, 2017

HATTAH – Its the most gruelling, challenging and unique off road enduro in the country.

The track is made up of twisting scrub land, extreme sand hills and fast straights.
For the first hour it is 38km of pristine red loam with the ability for the fast riders to cut out 32 minutes laps. Hour 2 – 3 it changes to a 38km of deep red loam, from hour 3-4 it is 38km of relentless hard work for even the pro riders, who still manage to push out low 30 minute laps with the majority of the field pushing with their inner demons just to see the chequered flag. The track does not let up in the last hour of the event.
Junior tracks have been modified by additional distance to allow the track to enable the best riding conditions we can put forward, The junior tracks are very technical, including salt pan, red loam all the while being a very flowing track.
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