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Written by Ross Welford
Thursday, 02 June 2011 05:00

Straight up, no frills, no gimmicks…….. just old fashioned good time ROCK

That’s maybe too simplistic a term as The Vagrants throw their blanket over a varied bunch of inspirations but the essence of what is ROCK is definitely heard in every groove on this, their third release.This album is proof that old skool ROCK has a place in the market place, maybe ‘The Man’ won’t make enough from it so they won’t bother, but this is pure, well crafted music and that so often gets over looked.Yeah, it’s not original but it’s done to a high standard and with conviction. Steve Iorio can write a killer tune and in obvious focal point Renate Ludwig, they have a smouldering powerhouse of a voice that wraps around every word sung. Part Blondie (‘Believe’, ‘Fanghouse’), part Fleetwood Mac (‘I See Angels’), chuck in some INXS style non metal ROCK and you’d be getting close to what The Vagrants are all about. ‘Talk To Yourself’ has a Talking Heads vibe whilst ‘Stand Up’ could easily have been on the Point Break soundtrack all those years ago, such is its coolness, mood and spirit.Add to that three bonus live track from their previous offerings and you’ve got yourself a nice little introduction to the Turtle loving five piece.You’ll have to investigate that last bit. Go see ’em live in the UK in June or just simply try here;

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