release 2006

When the first track “Let’s Party” opened on this album, I thought I was listening to something from the early years of rock and roll with Janis Joplin and the likes of Big Brother and the Holding Company. The Members of the band are influenced by a wide array of musical genres and that is certainly heard in their sound. They have a laid back vibe with bite and some fancy guitar work along with an exceptionally rhythm section. This album is so coloured that each song is different; some sound a little country in parts, and then change to a roaring blues sound, others are rock. I love Renate’s’ voice in the song “You’re Gone” which is a moody blues rock number reminding me of my all time favourite singer Janis Joplin. “S-Cat” has a more rock-country vibe, twang n’ all, showing how varied her voice can be. And this is the way the album carries on’ it’s got a bit of everything!

**** 4 Stars (Independent Release, distro MRA) Brionne Naish

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