Well we have done our little tour of Nordrhein-Westfalen and after a sleep and a long 10 hour drive back to Austria we are ready to do it all again!

Rock am Turm festival in Coesfeld, The Gorilla Bar in Münster, Alt Werdohl in Werdohl and MC Adler in Köln we THANK YOU!!
We had a brilliant time met some old friends made some new friends and had an experiment with our acoustic shows.


A huge thank you to the lovely Cecil Drax who joined us on Bass again at Rock am Turm and Julian Vorst who did his first gig on drums with us. A special thank you to Matthias Igel, Sandra Burger  and Bennie who jumped in last minute to have a jam with us at MC Adler.

Here is a link to a review from our Acoustic gig in Werdohl .. thank you Michael Koll   http://www.come-on.de/lennetal/werdohl/vagrants-br

Next week we will be in Switzerland again at Pirates and then on the 30th July for Renate’s big birthday bash at MRC Arlberg biker fest.

Catch you all on the flip side


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