An Epic Arse-Off-Your-Chair Wall of Sound


 Independence, that is the word that sums up The Vagrants. From the first of their 3 CD’s you could tell this was going to be a hard band to put in a category. The latest release is easier. It is ROCK at its finest. No other superfluous adjectives to make it sound trendy, just great, classic, solid rock with their own unique sounding hot lead singer, with a real voice, very complex guitar work made to sound simple, with punchy bass riffs, thumping drums, and superbly written songs by Steve Iorio that range from very serious, to down right hysterical.

Like heroin, The Vagrants are addictive. The live show is just a sweaty soaking wet t shirt ready to happen. Vocalist Renate Ludwig is the real deal and her intensity has finally been captured on a recording. Va-Va-Voom… It is the sound of rumbling earth, shaking bones and bam a herd of Rhino run right thru the living room.

The Vagrants have been touring relentlessly for 6 years, so if you haven’t caught them live it is your own fault. So go on line, buy a CD and come to a gig and sing along with everyone else!!!

Oh yes, and all members of The Vagrants do like turtles.


VOX:  Renate Ludwig

Renate Ludwig is the voice that is ringing in your ears as you leave a Vagrants gig! An electrifying front person there is no doubt that you will be entertained. The biggest thing about Renate is her voice, her frame is tiny and many wonder where the power is coming from. Also playing keys, flute and sax Renate gives The Vagrants their colour.

LEAD GUITAR:  Steve Iorio

Steve Iorio Growing up in New York in with no mother has certainly given Steve an edge to the way life can change. Steve is the lead guitarist and main songwriter for The Vagrants. Hiss fluency in German, Danish and Spanish make life a little more interesting on the road and help us all in those awkeward moments. His years of diverse experience and influences have helped to mold the unique sound of the band. Playing acoustic, and electric guitars, keys, harp and doing harmonies and lead vocals keeps him busy.





Rhythm/ Lead:  Josh Celata
Josh Celata - vagrants guitarist

Josh Celata’s burning passion & high energy is exuded through his guitar playing which is set to light up any performance of which he is a part. His high energy & passion for music exudes through electrifying performance. His proficiency as both a musician & entertainer is immediately present when the stage lights up and the music begins.


Inspired since his early years by artists such as Aerosmith, Van Halen, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Kiss, Jeff Beck, The Darkness, Richie Kotzen, Meat loaf, Guns and Roses, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore, Josh whilst maintaining his Rock & Roll & Blues roots has incorporated diversity of styles in his performances to include jazz, jazz fusion, funk & acoustic accompaniment.

Having played in many bands in high school he developed a love for live performance and set out to play in gigs wherever and whenever possible! Being awarded a scholarship in 2007 he completed a Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Music in Jazz and Music Performance in 2009. At that time Josh was under the direct tutelage of some of Australia’s most highly regarded guitarist including Mario Lattuada, Robert Bratetich and Edmond Bates.

Having at the time broadened his musical vision & apetite for more experience, Josh discovered his love for performing with as many performing artists as possible which then notably included Jimmy Cupples (The Voice finalist ),  Nicole Wheatley (Australian Idol finalist) and veteran guitarist Percy Robinson (Channel 10).

Josh has also written songs as part of his work when playing with originals bands Wet Lips, Shotgun Wedding, The Back Seat Brides and The Texas Tombstones & has performed rock & jazz on recordings.

He has with great dedication recently completed a residency at Draculas Cabaret Restaurant in Melbourne having performed over 350 shows in the past 18 months performing 5 nights a week as the guitarist and cast member. The shows, performing to a full house on most nights, included Josh performing 1 hour of Jazz at the beginning of the night with many more guitar & vocal performances throughout the show. At Draculas Josh played alongside drummer Darren Hulcombe (Pseudo Echo, Real Life).

“Josh Celata brings his electrifying guitar talent to the stage, wowing audiences every night with his rock riffs, big vocals and dashing good looks.” – Paul Newman – Dracuals Melbourne

No ordinary guitarist, Josh is now set to move it on up in his career and set the stage afire when he next blazes his trail with session work & as a band member when the right project presents.

“Gorgeous & the very best guitarist, set to be a star!”
Susan Aarons Director SEIZMIC SHIFT

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