An Epic Arse-Off-Your-Chair Wall of Sound


 Independence, that is the word that sums up The Vagrants. From the first of their 3 CD’s you could tell this was going to be a hard band to put in a category. The latest release is easier. It is ROCK at its finest. No other superfluous adjectives to make it sound trendy, just great, classic, solid rock with their own unique sounding hot lead singer, with a real voice, very complex guitar work made to sound simple, with punchy bass riffs, thumping drums, and superbly written songs by Steve Iorio that range from very serious, to down right hysterical.

Like heroin, The Vagrants are addictive. The live show is just a sweaty soaking wet t shirt ready to happen. Vocalist Renate Ludwig is the real deal and her intensity has finally been captured on a recording. Va-Va-Voom… It is the sound of rumbling earth, shaking bones and bam a herd of Rhino run right thru the living room.

The Vagrants have been touring relentlessly for 6 years, so if you haven’t caught them live it is your own fault. So go on line, buy a CD and come to a gig and sing along with everyone else!!!

Oh yes, and all members of The Vagrants do like turtles.


VOX:  Renate Ludwig

Renate Ludwig is the voice that is ringing in your ears as you leave a Vagrants gig! An electrifying front person there is no doubt that you will be entertained. The biggest thing about Renate is her voice, her frame is tiny and many wonder where the power is coming from. Also playing keys, flute and sax Renate gives The Vagrants their colour.

LEAD GUITAR:  Steve Iorio

Steve Iorio Growing up in New York in with no mother has certainly given Steve an edge to the way life can change. Steve is the lead guitarist and main songwriter for The Vagrants. Hiss fluency in German, Danish and Spanish make life a little more interesting on the road and help us all in those awkeward moments. His years of diverse experience and influences have helped to mold the unique sound of the band. Playing acoustic, and electric guitars, keys, harp and doing harmonies and lead vocals keeps him busy.


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