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Introducing Lachlan Bruce

Introducing Lachlan Bruce

Well we are here sitting in sunny Austria getting ready to start our 2013 tour after a seedy and fun night at our favorite bar Fanghouse.

Steve and I would like to introduce the talented Lachlan Bruce playing Bass for us this year.

Lachlan Bruce is a multi-instrumentalist with years of experience playing in bands on whatever instrument presents itself, from keys to cowbell! His cracking bass tone will be sure to leave you wanting more during a Vagrants show! Prepare your ears for the low frequency rush as he slaps with you bass lines and harmonies from alongside the other superstars in the Vagrants.



  1. I used to play with Lachlan Bruce in oz. awesome player. Rock on Lachlan Bruce from The Blowfisch

  2. Shit hot guys……rock the F out …..

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