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Top Ten Single

Top Ten Single

The Vagrants have just had their first
The AirIt charts for Australia have just informed us that The Vagrants song
“Can’t Take Anymore” has just made it in to the TOP 10
and is sitting at number 7 for this week.It was down loaded and played by numerous
Thanks to all who helped get us there!!!!!

Cutting edge and engaging music charts. Includes tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The Alliance is made up of proactive and influential MDs from stations across Australia including 3RRR and FBi


  1. Great work guys!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Congrats!!!

  3. Nice work, great gig at Cherry on Friday night too :)

  4. way to go

  5. Nice one guys that is great news, keep the sweet tunes rolling!

  6. awesome stuff!

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