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Free Jagermeister!! and touring again

Free Jagermeister!! and touring again

Hey All,

Just a quicky to let you know we have started booking our tour dates for Australia for the rest of this year before heading back to Europe again for Summer/Winter.

We will be bringing a sweat induced night of mayhem to country Victoria, Sydney and Adelaide. We are trying to get up to Queensland also but tie is now getting tight so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s all kicking off at the Cherry Bar, acdc lane Melbourne on August 27th for our CD launch party so make sure you get there if you are in Melbourne.  We are on at 10.30 – 11.30 But don’t forget to get there early to see Mercy Kills and Lilly’s Radio. And in true Vagrants style the first 100 payers gets a shot of Jager.

So check out our gig page to see where we are at

Thanks Jäger !!!!!!!!


  1. Bring it On!!

  2. Vielleicht sehen wir uns dann mal im Winter

  3. If you come back to Hamburg we’d love to play with you again!

  4. Thanks mate, it was great playing with you guys even though it was a strange night! We would be happy to support you guys over there anytime and have a good laugh together

  5. I think we will, and you will contact you!!!

  6. Have a look at the new blog

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